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general information

Damage search methods - electroacoustic pulse and induction.

Indication - oscillographic (according to the screen of the graphic liquid crystal display) and auditory (according to the sound in the headphones).

The greatest depth of the cable when determining its route, m., - 10

Error in determining the cable route
 (at a depth of 1 m), m., Not more, - ± 0.05

Maximum cable burial depth when searching for damage:

  • electroacoustic method, m., - 5;
  • induction method ("loop" mode) - 3;

Error in determining the location of damage (with a cable depth of 1 m), m, no more: 

  • electroacoustic method, m, - ± 0.25;
  • induction method ("loop" mode) m., - ± 1


Acoustic amplifier parameters

DB Gain - Adjustable from 0 to 100

Number of adjustment steps - 100

3 dB passband, Hz - 150 - 3000

Input resistance, MOhm, - 1

Noise level (peak-to-peak) reduced to the input, μV, no more - 6


Synchronization amplifier parameters

Amplifier Gain dB - Adjustable 0 to 66

Number of adjustment steps - 66

Bandwidth at the level of -3 dB, kHz - from 1 to 20

Sensitivity to a pulsed magnetic field, mA / m, not less - 5


Induction receiver parameters

Tuning frequencies, Hz, 160 to 10000

Ultimate sensitivity to magnetic field at ratio

signal / noise 6 dB, μA / m, no more than 50

Digital filter bandwidth, Hz, no more:                  

at the level of -3 dB: 9

at the level of -20 dB: 10


Power source - 5 Ni-MH AA batteries with a voltage of 1.2 V and a capacity of 1.8 A ∙ h.

Rated supply voltage, V 6

Consumption current, mA, 70-190

Duration of work without recharging, hour, 10 - 20

The receiver has the ability to monitor the supply voltage.

The receiver is supplied with a charger adapter powered from a 220V / 50Hz network. 

Charging time for a fully discharged battery is 10-12 hours.

The receiver with accessories is carried and operated in two stowage bags. The total weight of the receiver in the set is no more than 2 kg.





Receiver POISK-2006m




Acoustic soil sensor DAG-5


For work on the ground


Acoustic cable sensor P805-DA2


For work on an open cable. Installed on an insulator.


 Induction sensor P805-DI2




Induction attachment frame RN-2


For open cable operation


Handle - sensor holder






Improved. R = 64 Ohm


 Hand potential electrodes




Charger adapter


Power supply + 12V, 0.3A, stab.


 Receiver bag




Accessory bag







The POISK-2006m receiver (hereinafter referred to as the receiver) is designed to search for damage of any type in any power cables with a voltage of 0.4-35 kV by electro-acoustic and induction methods.

The receiver can be used:

  • to determine by the electroacoustic method the location of damage to underground power cables in case of spark breakdown of the core to the sheath (MP type IP);
  • to determine by the electroacoustic method the location of damage to underground power cables with a blind single-phase short circuit of the cable core to the sheath (MP type GOZ);
  • for solving the problem of choosing a specific cable from a bundle of open cables using the electro-acoustic method;

  • determining the places of poor contact of the sheath with the cable box;

  • determination of the cable route and search for the place of damage by the induction method;

  •  determining the depth of the cable;

  • determining the place of leakage in the insulation of the XLPE cable sheath or gas pipeline by a potential method;

  • determination of the place of leakage in the insulation of the core of the low-voltage cable to the ground by a potential method.

The receiver is designed to operate as part of mobile electrical laboratories, which include a generator of electroacoustic shock waves (GAUV) with the following parameters:

  • storage capacity for determining the location of damage of the type GOZ-300 - 400 uF. at a charging voltage of 5-10 kV;
  • pulse frequency 0.2-1 Hz.

This variant of GAUV is suitable for searching for damage such as GOZ.

To determine the damage of the MT type - the storage capacity can be reduced to 1-5 μF.

In addition, for tracing the cable under test (i.e. determining the route of laying the cable on the ground), an audio frequency generator with a power of at least 20 W with silicified frequencies from 160 to 10000 Hz is required (for example, a GZCH-2500 generator).

To determine the locations of damage in cables of the phase-to-phase type, an audio frequency generator with a frequency of 160-10000 Hz, with a power of 100 W (for example, GZCH-2500) /

The receiver is designed for operation in field conditions in the range of ambient temperatures from -20 to +40 о С, relative humidity up to 85% and pressure from 600 to 800 mm Hg. Art.

NOTE. The lower limit of the operating temperature is determined by the performance at this temperature of the LCD and the power supply.