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Reflectometer high-voltage oscillographic “ISKRA-4”

High-voltage oscillographic reflectometer "ISKRA-4" is designed to determine the distance to the place of damage to power supply cables.

The device allows:

  • to detect and determine the distance to the place of damage or inhomogeneity by the location (reflectometric) method on symmetrical and asymmetrical cables;
  • measure the length of cables (including on drums and in coils) or the distance to break or short circuit;
  • memorize, store and process measurement results;
  • as part of a mobile electrical laboratory, determine the distance to damage in cables up to 15.3 km (35 km) in length for all types of damage without using the preliminary complete burning of the insulation.

The OTDR allows you to determine the distance to the cable breakdown point using low and high voltage using the following methods:

  • TDR (low voltage pulse method);
  • ICE (high voltage current coupled oscillatory discharge method);
  • Decay (voltage coupled high voltage oscillatory discharge method);
  • ARC (high voltage pulsed arc method).